Payment Methods


With Credit/Debit Card:

Every purchase from the website of can be performed via credit cards, at the buyer’s discretion.
Transactions are carried out electronically, safely and in real time, between the Purchaser and owner of the card and EUROBANK which performs the transaction on behalf of is not involved in this process, and the sensitive information of your credit/debit card is not stored in its system.
In case the purchaser performing the transaction and the owner of the Credit Card are not the same person, bears no responsibility and is not obliged to offer a refund.

Via Paypal:

PayPal allows direct payments and automatically encrypts private information using the best technology on the market.
Via deposit on bank account:
If you select bank deposit, please contact us to reserve the products you ordered.
Telephone number:+30 2315 524176, e-mail: Fax: +30 2310 949812
• ACCOUNT: IBAN: GR3602600510000800200074642
• Acc. No: 0026.0051.80.0200074642
* Please write your name and surname or the order number on the Deposit Slip provided by the bank.
** In case the deposit is not carried out within two days from the date of the order, the system automatically cancels the order.
* The bank fee is payable by the customer.